Nam Dam Village, Ha Giang, Vietnam Guide

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By: Justin Del Boulter | Updated on 18/1/2020

Nam Dam village is a lovely minority village that has been putting in a solid effort to share their culture with travelers. Here there is very little development, with only authentic homestays for food and accomodation. This is one of my favorite stops along the Ha Giang Loop because the local Dao people have maintained their authenticity while providing cultural experiences to visitors. Adding to it, the location is stunning.

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Where to stay in Nam Dam Village

Nam Dam does not have any modern accommodations like you’d find in bigger cities. Here you will only find traditional Dao family “Rustic” homestays. 

Most of the homestays in the area aren’t available for pre booking online. You’re best bet is to ride to them and check them out. If you speak Vietnamese, calling ahead might be a viable option. 

For the most part all of the homestays are very similar, and will provide similar experiences. Most of the homestays here run between $5 – $10usd, with dinner costing about $4usd extra. Some homestays may charge extra for showers. The homestays on this list seem to have more practice in the hospitality gig than others in the village. But, I do encourage you to try out some of the other homestays and distribute your spending throughout the community. 

Ly Danh Homestay: $5usd, dorm only
Booking link
+84 97 417 21 04
22W7+99 Quản Bạ, Quản Bạ District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Ly Danh is probably the most basic of the ones on this list. However, it’s still a great stay, and breakfast is included. The host does speak a little bit of english, and will guide you to the waterfall if you ask nicely.

Toong homestay: $7usd, dorm and private rooms
Booking link
+84 354 502 065
22PC+MR Quản Bạ, Quản Bạ District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Probably my favorite homestay in the area. Toong’s is located right next to a small fishing pond, adding to the view from the terrace.
Additionally, their shower is nice and clean. They do have small private rooms available with firm beds on the floor. Breakfast is 2 bucks extra.

Highland Homestay: $3 – $7usd, dorm and private room
Booking link
+84 93 426 22 01
22V8+5H Quản Bạ, Quản Bạ District, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Highland homestay is a comfortable place to stay. They have a very nice private double bed room. Breakfast is 2 bucks extra.

What to do in Nam Dam Village

Herbal baths at the Nam Dam Cultural Museum: 80k (~$3.50)

The museum is lacking, but kind of a cute effort by the locals. The main reason for visiting is to take a traditional Dao herbal bath in the rear of the building. It’s a great way to relax after a long day.

Nai waterfall: Free

Down the road a bit from Nam Dam there is very lovely waterfall with multiple cascades and nice pools. It’s probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ha Giang. Getting to it is a bit confusing. I recommend asking your homestay to have someone show you the way. As for any waterfall, it may not be very impressive during the dry season (Nov – Jan).

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