Lung Cu, Ha Giang, Vietnam

A high view over a small mountain village in vietnam

By: Justin Del Boulter | Updated on 18/1/2020

Lung Cu is the small village at the northernmost point of Vietnam. The Village is most famous for the Lung Cu Flag that waves on top of Rong mountain. Aside from the Flag point, there isn’t much of interest in this area. Arguably, the key appeal to Lung Cu is the ride there. 

However, staying in this area can provide a more authentic view into the true rural life of the minority people in the area. Not many foreigners stay in here, so western tourism hasn’t hit Lung Cu like other destinations along the loop.

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Lung Cu Map

Where to stay in Lung Cu

If you find yourself wanting to rest for the night, there are a handful of traditional homestays to choose from. However, I recommend the Sisters Homestay and Bar. They place is very nice, with a large bar area and a pool table. They have private rooms and dorm rooms. Bathrooms are shared. Prices run $5 -$10usd, breakfast and dinner are extra. 
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Where to eat in Lung Cu

There isn’t anything special in this area. However, if you’re looking for a quick and simple bite, there are a few local restaurants at the foot of Rong Mountain. It may be a bit tricky communicating your order with the staff, but it’s doable! I have marked them on the map.

What to do in Lung Cu

Lung Cu Flag: 25k (~$1) entry and parking

The large Lung Cu Flag tower atop a mountain, with the Vietnam flag waving waving from the top

Once you arrive in the village you’ll notice the massive flag and tower atop a hill jutting into the sky. The Flag tower is a monument of sovereignty, standing 33 meters high, with a colossal 54 square meter flag. The 54 meters represents the 54 ethnic groups of the Vietnamese people. 

To visit the tower you will likely have to drive around a boom gate. Usually there is a government official here that will wave you around. At the top of the mountain, you will need to pay a 25k entry fee, then climb a few hundred steps to the top. 

*If you’re like me, and travel with a drone, don’t fly it here… The government officials in the area will swarm you very quickly. 

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