About 2 Wheels Vietnam and the creator - Justin

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Yo! I’m Justin. Thanks for visiting my website. I created 2 Wheels Vietnam because I found that there isn’t much information about riding vietnam out there, and the info you do find is very spread out or convoluted and overly wordy. Because of this, planning is kind of a pain in the ass, and takes more time than it should. So I decided to create a one stop shop for everything about exploring vietnam on 2 wheels. As you can see, this site is still in its infancy, but over the next couple years I hope to grow it into the leading resource on the subject. My goal is to provide clear, concise information that gives my readers all the info they need to create an awesome trip.

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About me - Justin Del Boulter

When I was 7 years old my dad gave me and my brothers our first dirt bikes, a Honda CR60 and CR80. From that point forward I was hooked on motorcycles. So, when I heard about riding through Vietnam while on a “soul searching” 🙄  backpacking trip I called my boss, quit my job and extended my trip. I needed to ride through Vietnam. 

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Standing on top of Renjo La with Everest in the background (17,560 ft / 5,360 m)

So late 2017, after finishing a hiking trip in the Himalayas I hopped on a plane to Hanoi with no Idea of what the county was like, or where to visit. I knew 3 things, 1: Pho is awesome, and it’s everywhere in Vietnam. 2: I could buy a motorcycle for cheap 3: one of my best travel mates, Andy, was there to show me the ropes. 

My plan was to immediately find a motorbike and hit the road. But I found Hanoi to be captivating, and having a solid friend there made it that much easier to get stuck. Although I kept leaving Hanoi for motorbike trips, I found myself returning. Weeks, turned into months, and months turned into a job and a girlfriend…oops.

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My partner is crime

 By February 2018 I had met a new love, and got a job offer from the leading adventure tour company in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Vietnam had hooked me in. 

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Goofing off in the Kong Collapse. A massive sinkhole that was lost in time, until I stumbled upon it in old drone footage. 👀

The following few months I worked for  Jungle Boss Adventure Tours as their Director of Marketing, and photographer (my personal Instagram). I spent my days exploring and photographing some of the biggest caves in the world, or building my skills in marketing and leadership. Life was good.  

During this time my new relationship grew even stronger, and I had decided I wanted to give it the best shot I could. But, by time summer rolled around I was broke (US university debt is no joke). So I called up one of my old captains, got a job on a boat and spent the summer in Alaska commercial fishing. 

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After graduating from Uni I wanted some adventure, so I spent 3 years commercial fishing

During long hours on the ocean with plenty of time to brew ideas, I thought of this blog. I thought, “I know a lot about Vietnam, I’ve got plenty of photos and videos, why not make a blog”. And here we are; finally 2 years later I put it together.  In those 2+ years I’ve been riding the country fairly consistently (especially the north), and gathering information and content. And for those wondering – I am not an english teacher; I do marketing..I think?

In the coming months and year, I will be releasing information and content regularly as possible. If you’d like to be along for the ride, make sure to follow the Facebook page, and the instagram page. Additionally I’ve created the vietnam motorbike travers group. I hope to build a community of like minded folks, where we can share content and info, and plan rides together. Also, in the coming months I will be releasing a complete guidebook on motorbiking northern Vietnam. If you’d like to know when that comes out, sign up for the email list and you’ll be one of the first to know! 

Until next time, love peace and engine grease. 🏍

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